States Brace as CHIP Funding Dries Up

Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is in danger of running out in nearly a dozen states, the Washington Post reports. About nine million children are insured through CHIP, and an additional 370,000 pregnant women also get their coverage through the program. The crisis results from Congress missing a September 30 deadline to refund the program. This is the first time since the program was created in 1997 that the funding is in danger of drying up.

CMS contacted state officials on November 9 to point out options available if CHIP flounders. Those include determining whether to tell families to apply for Medicaid or seek coverage through the ACA.

Linda Nablo, chief deputy director of Virginia’s Department of Medical Assistance Services, tells the newspaper: “Everybody is still waiting and thinking Congress is going to act, and they probably will, but you can’t run a health care program that way. You can’t say ‘probably’ everything is going to be all right.”

Source: Washington Post