New Look for Association Health Plans Expected To Be Unveiled Today

They’ll cost less than those offered under the ACA, but will include fewer benefits

The Trump administration is expected to reveal what it has in store for association health plans today. The plans are aimed at small businesses and people who buy their own insurance.

As the Associated Press reports, the new model association health plans will still have to cover people with pre-existing conditions, but the coverage might be less comprehensive. They could also be sold across state lines to small businesses, for instance hair salons that operate in a particular region. President Trump believes that this will help control the costs of the plans, but some experts disagree, likening health insurance to real estate—it’s a local business shaped by local realities.

“Ultimately, the idea’s success depends on buy-in from plan sponsors, consumers, insurers and state regulators,” the AP reports. “No major consequences are expected for people covered by large employers.”