SCOTUS Ruling That Weakens Unions Will Affect Health Care Debate

Though some experts believe public sector unions will survive despite the ruling, but what will health care look like?

Public sector employees don’t have to join or pay dues to a public sector union representing them if they don’t want to, the Supreme Court ruled this week. The ruling seems as if it will weaken unions and greatly cut back on the flow of money to Democratic candidates with their health care agendas that are often at odds with what the Trump administration wants. (Some experts believe that it might actually strengthen unions, believing that many workers fear the unrestrained power companies hold over their fates.)

The ruling applies to 22 states in which public sector unions can force nonmembers to pay dues.

Modern Healthcare reports: “Administrators of public-sector healthcare systems had mixed feelings about the case. Public hospital systems in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco filed amicus briefs supporting the unions’ position. While some public system leaders may welcome seeing unions weakened by loss of fee revenue, others fear that would hurt public health efforts. They know that unions are the strongest advocates for maintaining funding for their agencies.”