Dismantling of Obamacare Puts States in the Crosshairs

Where you live will play a large part in what kind of coverage you can get. Just like the (good?) old days.

Location, location, location. That’s always been the mantra in real estate, but it could be adopted to health care, as well. Variation in cost for treatment has long been noted and bemoaned. Variation in coverage always existed, as well, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, the Trump administration’s dismantling of the ACA will again mean that the coverage you get will depend a lot on where you live.

And each state is taking a different approach. “The growing divergence between states may be even more pronounced than it was before the ACA….,” the newspaper reports. “Many states have adopted broader consumer protections than before the health law. Others have taken new steps to curb the law’s provisions, such as adding work requirements to Medicaid.”