Departing Head of PBM Lobbying Group Says He’s Proud of His Legacy

Mark Merritt of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association says he hadn’t suffered any setbacks; some outside observers disagree.

Mark Merritt says his record is 15 and 0 over the course of his 15 years as head of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association. He departs in less than a month, handing over the reins to the new CEO, J.C. Scott. He tells Stat: “In the end I think we are in a much stronger position than some people might think we are.”

PBMs have taken a lot of heat from many quarters in recent years: politicians (notably, President Trump), insurers, physicians, employers, to name just a few. Merritt’s technique has been to avoid public bickering for the most part.

“He stays under the radar, focusing his attention on working behind the scenes with lawmakers, educating them about how the industry works and how PBMs keep drug prices down,” Stat reports. “He doesn’t spend big. Instead, he sticks to strategic advertising, research, and public relations. He takes pride when PCMA can punch ‘above our weight class’ and hold its own against the drug lobby.”