Wisconsin Governor-Elect Tony Evers Vows To Fight Lame-Duck Legislation

GOP legislators push bills that would keep work requirements for some Medicaid recipients in place and maintain the state’s role in trying to overturn the ACA.

As part of an effort to protect what they see as their legislative achievements, Wisconsin state GOP legislators passed bills in an overnight lame-duck session that would deplete Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers’s power. The measures give the Legislature oversight on waivers for Medicaid work requirements, which Democrats say will handcuff the new administration, the Associated Press reports.

The bills also limit the power of Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul in that they would require an OK by a legislative committee if Kaul tries to keep his campaign promise of withdrawing from a multistate lawsuit that would, if successful, repeal the ACA.

Evers says that he will ask the man he defeated in the election, Gov. Scott Walker, to veto the bills if they reach Walker’s desk. (Walker has indicated that he supports both efforts.) If that fails, Evers says that he’ll sue.

Evers tells the AP that “the will of the people has officially been ignored by the Legislature. Wisconsin should be embarrassed by this.”