Purdue Pharma Accused of Inundating New York with Opioid Sales Representatives

Ireland-based Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is also accused of egregious sales tactics.

During the escalating opioid crisis, Purdue Pharma and Ireland-based Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals allegedly unleased armies of sales representatives to push physicians to prescribe OxyContin (Purdue’s product) and Xartemis (Mallinckrodt’s product). An amended version of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s suit against the companies paints a picture of greed being the overriding motivator for the companies, reports the New York Times.

Mallinckrodt declined to comment to the newspaper.

Purdue released a statement saying that the new court filing “contains factual errors and gross distortions and misrepresentations based on highly selective excerpting of language from tens of millions of documents. The complaint is designed to publicly vilify Purdue and its former directors.”

The swarm of Purdue representatives visited sales spots in the state the equivalent of 160 times each weekday between 2006 and 2017, according to the court filing made yesterday. One pain-management facility received about 250 visits in 2017, averaging out to nearly one per weekday.

A Mallinckrodt official urged his employees to “ATTACK” with the promise of “big bonus dollars.”

And then there was this exchange, as reported by the Times.

“An executive at a regional drug distribution company asked a Mallinckrodt executive to keep supplying the opioid oxycodone. It’s ‘like people are addicted to these things. Oh, wait, people are’, the first executive wrote. The Mallinckrodt executive responded that it was ‘just like Doritos.’

“‘Keep eating,’ he added, ‘we’ll make more.’”