CMS posts glowing second-year results for CPC+

Improvements seen in same-day appointments, integrating behavioral health

Second-year results for the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) program show that almost all (99%) of the 2,879 participating practices are offering same- or next-day appointments and that 80% followed up  with patients who went to the emergency department within a week.

CMS posted the 2018 results for CPC+ Tuesday. The program is CMS's bid to usher in a new era of coordinated, value-based care among primary care practices. Fifty-six payers in 18 regions of the country are involved.

The results posted yesterday also showed improvements in screening for unmet social need, behavioral health integration, and follow-up after hospitalizations. 

CPC+ offers financial incentives for practices. in 2018, most of the practices retained some of their performance-based incentive payment for 2017 performance year. The average amount was over $14,000.