Trump administration’s rule about drug ads will foster more cost transparency

USA Today says it's a step in the right direction.

Beginning this summer, medication ads on TV will have to include what those drugs cost, and that’s a good idea, says USA Today. The rule will apply to drugs that cost $35 or more a month so that many of the medications that burden the system will be included. Op/ed editors at USA Today mention Humira, which costs about $6,600 a month. The new rule will bring more price transparency to health care, Trump administration officials hope.

But as the newspaper points out, while this is a good first step, much more needs to be done since hardly anybody pays the full amount for a drug.

“A more realistic hope is that the price disclosure rules prompt Americans to think about how drugs and other health care products are priced and paid for in this country,” the editorial states. “As consumers learn more about what their care costs before they access it, they might begin to adjust their behavior, look for cheaper alternatives, or even push for more radical reforms to health care. If the administration’s rules assist in that process, they will be a huge success.”