AMA Delegates Vote Against Medicare for All

The 53%–47% vote was close

As expected, the AMA's House of Delegates voted against a proposal yesterday that would have eliminated the group's opposition to a single payer system. 

But the 53%-to-

47% vote was close. "The delegates are clearly divided, nearly down the middle, on it," tweeted Bob Doherty, the senior VP of government affairs and public policy for the American College of Physicians. In another tweet, Doherty said that the vote indicates that there is "more support for publicly financed coverage than ever before." 

The AMA is part of the Partnership for America's Health Care Future, which is fighting Medicare for all. The American Hospital Association, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and America's Health Insurance Plans are also members of that group.

The landing page of the group's website says that "whether it’s called Medicare for all, buy-in, or a public option, ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL HEALTH CARE WILL NEVER ALLOW US TO ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS."