Health care vs. healthcare

AP sticks with health care. Thank goodness!

We may disagree about Medicare for all, whether price transparency will do much about costs, and if value-based care is the real deal or an empty slogan.

But can we all agree that it should be health care  and not mushed-together healthcare ?

The jokey, ironic health care vs healthcare debate flares up on Twitter on a semiregular basis.

All kidding aside, editors and publications in this corner of the universe must decide how they are going to render health care.  

Health care as two words, both as a noun and as a modifier, was confirmed yesterday in a lively Twitter #APStyleChat on health and science issues (there are many good, more substantive issues discussed in that stream; you should check it out).

The New York Times keeps health care open, not closed.

Managed Care is also firmly  in the health care camp as are all good, right-minded people.