Trump’s Efforts To Help Small Businesses Built on Sand

The president’s regulatory changes can be easily overridden by the next president.

The ACA is law, points out Gene Marks, a small business consultant. And once something is law it’s very difficult to get rid of, as President Trump and GOP allies found out in their efforts to repeal or replace Obamacare.

Marks praises the ways Trump has tried to make it easier for small companies to insure their workers. Those efforts include relaxing rules to allow the selling of health plans that don’t meet all the ACA requirements, allowing small employers to band together to buy insurance via association health plans, and reviving health reimbursement accounts that would allow workers to put more pre-tax money away to help pay for premiums.

“All of this is good stuff for business owners,” writes Marks in an opinion piece in the Hill. “We have more options. We can choose benefits that better match what we can afford. But there’s one big problem and it’s holding us back: none of this is law.”

Which means that small business owners will have to possibly start all over once Trump is out of office. “That’s the reason why so many business owners I know are holding back on these initiatives,” writes Marks. “They realize that they’re built on a very uncertain platform. They don’t want to upend their company’s health plans and their employees’ health coverage on a set of rules that can be changed almost overnight.”