Happy Birthday Medicaid!

The evidence says that it’s been a great benefit to society.

Medicaid turned 54-years-old on July 30, and it has to be counted as one of health care’s great successes, argues Miriam Harmatz in an opinion piece in the Miami Herald. Sure, Medicaid has its problems but “54 years after its birth, there’s overwhelming evidence that Medicaid saves lives and improves health outcomes. There also is undisputed evidence that it does so at a lower cost than any other insurance program,” writes Harmatz, who is the executive director of the Florida Health Justice Project.

But her celebration of Medicaid is tempered by the fact that Florida is one of the 14 states that did not expand the program under the ACA. She reminds her fellow Floridians that that can be corrected.

“All seats in the Florida House of Representatives are up for election every two years, and in 2020 we can reject those candidates who have rejected Medicaid expansion,” writes Harmatz.