August 2012

Under health reform, consumers will be the new buyers in public and private exchanges, meaning care management programs will need a sharper focus on return on investment

Joseph Burns

ACOs can learn from successes and mistakes of managed care, says Kaiser Permanente physician leader

John Marcille

While the United States has been in turmoil over how to tame its excessive health care bill, the Brits have their own problems — different, but in some ways the same

Robert Royce, PhD

In large part, the growth of specialty pharmacy will require pharmacy benefit managers to become more active on behalf of payers and patients

Warren K. Williams
Legislation & Regulation

In nonconforming states, health plans will miss out on a bonanza of new members and hospitals might be on the hook for uncompensated care

John Carroll
Medication Management
The Food & Drug Administration’s approach to this stage of a drug’s life cycle is inadequate
Tom Reinke
Evidence Review

Many insurers have not yet updated their coverage policies since the FDA cleared this scanning tool in November 2011

Plan Watch

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan teaches effective interviewing techniques to nurses on the front lines of chronic disease

Frank Diamond
Tomorrow’s Medicine

Clinical trial data from the lorcaserin submission suggest modest weight loss over a short period

Thomas Morrow, MD