Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner
Michael S. Sinha, MD
The FDA’s work to redefine ‘truthful and non-misleading’ communication may preempt state efforts.
Value-Based Tools
Michael D. Dalzell
A report detailing clinic-level cost and quality of cancer care in Washington State is a first—adding its own stamp on efforts to measure value in oncology.
Medication Management
Thomas Reinke
Aimovig and other drugs targeting the CGRP neuropeptide aim to prevent migraines in a whole new way. But Aimovig’s cost may mean an obstacle course of prior authorization and step therapy.
François de Brantes
Price transparency, payment reform, and consumerism are needed to bring market forces to health care. Too many managed care organizations are comfortable with the status quo.
News & Commentary
News & Commentary

A blueprint for high-volume, high-quality lung cancer screening that is detecting cancer earlier—and helping to save lives

Clinical Brief

Multiple Sclerosis: New Perspectives on the Patient Journey–2019 Update
Summary of an Actuarial Analysis and Report