3-in-1 Ultrasonic Surgery System Set For Market Launch

Nexus Has Increased Power, RF Capabilities

Misonix has received FDA clearance for its new Nexus system, which combines the features of the company’s three handheld devices into a single platform.

The new system includes BoneScalpel, a precision, oscillating tool that makes millimeter-wide cuts in bone while avoiding the surrounding soft tissue, and the SonicOne attachment, a debridement tool to clean wounds and remove damaged tissue or bacterial biofilms during surgery. The other tool, the SonaStar ultrasonic aspirator, can remove tumors. It also includes bone-sculpting tips and various deep-access and laparoscopic probes.

The company plans to begin the U.S. commercialization of Nexus in July. The new system also includes increased power, a touchscreen display, and radio frequency capabilities for use in general surgery procedures.

Source: FierceBiotech, June 5, 2019