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Other Means Required to Measure Effectiveness of Expensive New Therapies 
Vaccine Prevents Some Cancers, Diseases Caused by 9 HPV Types
In Future, Providers May Screen for APOE4 Before Treatment 
They’re more profitable than they’ve been throughout the Obamacare years, says an issue brief.
Instead of paying per patient, the plans get a monthly payment. The doctors keep the difference if they come under budget, but lose money if they don’t.
The animals might be a danger to people with compromised immune systems, say researchers.
First Drug Approved Under Agency’s LPAD Pathway
Sunshine Law Will be Expanded to Include Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurse-Midwives, and Others
European study concludes clinicians can safely switch patients from originators to biosimilars
Anti-abortionist and Republican Opposition Leads to Cancelation of Contract with Fetal Tissue Firm
Treatments Aimed at Rare Diseases Are a Double-edged Sword
Mark Merritt of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association says he hadn’t suffered any setbacks; some outside observers disagree.
Training for Pharmacists and Nurses, Not Just Prescribers
REDUCE-IT Study Shows 25% Risk Reduction in CV Events with Vascepa
Agency To Provide $18 Million Over the Next Four Years