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A California hospital has adjusted its approach, functioning as a gateway to short-term and, hopefully, long-term recovery.
The American Medical Group Association says that doctor compensation grew by less than 2% in 2017, the first time that’s happened in over a decade.
With an eye on the demands generated by an aging population, it plans to buy GreatCall, a supplier of health care services for the elderly.
While the top performers are praised, the magazine warns that too many hospitals fail to deliver adequate care.
A policy brief addresses some of the concerns voiced by insurers and hospitals.
New Algorithm Surveys Alterations in DNA and Millions of Points in the Human Genome
First Oral Drug Increases Activity of the Body’s Deficient Enzyme
Venous Thromboembolism and Other Risks to Be Evaluated in Postmarketing Studies
State laws are hit-or-miss and centers in which deaths have occurred still operate despite federal sanctions, an investigation reveals.
Consumer advocate groups claim that enrollees with chronic conditions will be adversely affected.
It’s All in How the Data Are Analyzed
Researchers Recommend Increased Testing for Men
New Draft Guidance Seeks to Better Target Patient Needs