A golden age for psoriasis tx

So many treatments to choose from

Psoriasis comes from psorian, Greek for having an itch. Plaque psoriasis rashes with their telltale whitish scales can be itchy, of course. But psoriasis is much more than that.

It is a complex inflammatory disease mediated by the immune system’s T cells and keratinocytes in the skin.

And it’s one of the most common autoimmune diseases; in North America and Europe, psoriasis affects between 2% and 4% of the population.

Some cases are mild and perfectly manageable. Others are severe, with a host of serious—even deadly—physical and psychological consequences.

The good news is the array of available treatments, ranging from topical corticosteroids to ultraviolet light therapy to sophisticated biologics that home in on and inhibit the swarms of cytokines that are integral to the underlying pathology.

In some ways, we are in a golden age of psoriasis treatment because of all the choices—and with those choices, a better chance that patients and their doctors will find an effective treatment.