Demonstrating the Value of Pharmaceuticals Across the Healthcare Continuum

At the 16th Annual Managed Healthcare Symposium, some of the most knowledgeable health care experts in the United States were invited to lecture, debate, and explore medical innovation and the role of pharmaceuticals in the delivery of high-quality care. This supplement is derived from those discussions, the topics of which include trends in healthcare consumerism, FDA movements to ensure safety, improvements in disease-state outcomes, increases in quality of life, and the economics associated with these complex subjects.


  • Assessing the Impact of Healthcare on the Consumer
  • FDA Update: Drug Costs, Regulatory Simplification, and Competitive Balance
  • Drug Importation and Consumer Demand
  • Are the Benefits of Newer Drugs Worth Their Cost?
  • Making the Switch: Prescription to Over the Counter
  • The Evidence-Based Formulary
  • Pharmaceutical Innovation, Emerging Technologies, and Consumer Demand
  • Successful Patient Compliance and Persistency Programs
  • Yankees' Skipper Triumphs Over Prostate Cancer