Managed Care Best Practices in the Treatment and Management of Asthma

Asthma is a syndrome, not a single disease, with multiple phenotypes. Much concerning poor outcomes with asthma treatment is related to misdiagnosis or underdiagnosis, inadequate prescribing of preventive therapy, and poor adherence to treatment plans. Recent advances in our understanding of the variable and syndromic nature of the disease have led to the possibility of improved and more individualized care pathways, which will increase the likelihood of successful outcomes for the patient, society, and the health care system. A focus on asthma control, rather than severity, likely will allow for more accurate monitoring of outcomes and improved care delivery.


  • The Burden of Uncontrolled Asthma on the U.S. Health Care System
  • Challenges in Evaluating and Treating Asthma
  • The Importance of Risk Assessments
  • Managed Care Strategies for Successful Asthma Management
  • Controlling Asthma Through Disease Management