Mind Your Body: The Intersection of Physical and Behavioral Health

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common chronic condition in the United States with a prevalence rate that extends to the typical U. S. workforce. Of every 100 employees, 6 will have MDD, and, between absenteeism and presenteeism, each of these workers will lose 27 workdays per year. Managed care decision makers face numerous challenges in managing populations with chronic depression or other behavioral health conditions and associated comorbidities. Effective treatment begins in primary care — the setting in which most patients with depression are seen. This publication provides insight into the inextricable link of mind and body and provides information that can help elevate the standard of care for patients with depression.

Based on presentations at the 2007 Medical Director Colloquy held in Las Vegas, December 6-7.


  • Good Medicine, Good Business, Great Leadership: The Trust Prescription for Health Care
  • Integrative Approaches to Health Care
  • Mood, Depression, and the Menopausal Transition
  • Efficient and Effective Care of Depression in Medical Settings
  • Depression in Primary Care: Quality Improvement and Economics