Payor, Provider, Patient: Healthcare by Consensus

With health care today being a collaborative effort among providers, patients, and payers, the paradigm of care delivery has changed. Providers want autonomy but are increasingly being held to evidence-based and population-based standards. Payers are demanding this accountability, but the managed care backlash has forced them to refrain from micromanaging providers. Many patients, meanwhile, see personalized health care as a right — even as employer cost-sharing tactics bestow patients with a responsibility to exercise cost-conscious decision making. The presentations in this supplement, derived from the 12th Annual Symposium for Managed Care Professionals, explore the issues inherent in this transforming environment.


  • Health Status, Health Maintenance, and Health Care in the 21st Century
  • Health Care Reform: Payer, Provider, Patient
  • Health Care Reform: The Consumer’s Viewpoint
  • Changing the Public’s Image of Managed Care
  • Treating Diseases and Managing Cost
  • Special motivational presentation: The Power of Perspective