Treatment and Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes affects 16 million Americans at an annual cost of nearly $100 billion. One third of those with diabetes are undiagnosed, while a substantial portion of those with diagnosed disease are undertreated — with staggering clinical and economic implications. This supplement discusses pharmacological options for treatment, the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s role in helping health plans to provide adequate care for its diabetic members, and a case study of a successful diabetes disease management program. The information herein derives from a meeting attended by physicians, pharmacists, health plan medical and pharmacy directors, employers, pharmacy benefit managers, and quality assurance experts.


  • Diabetes Prevalence and Economic Implications
  • Comprehensive HEDIS Measures for Diabetic Patients
  • Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Update on New Pharmacological Options
  • A Disease Management Approach to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Roundtable Discussion: The Future of Diabetes Treatment