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Original Research
Trudy Millard Krause, DrPH
Cecilia Ganduglia-Cazaban, MD
Kevin W. Finkel, MD, FACP, FASN, FCCM
Quality clinical practice for the management of diabetic patients should include screening for nephropathy. Reliance on a prescription alone should not be considered evidence of effective screening for such patients when that drug is used for other clinical indications.
Seeds of Innovation
Lola Butcher
Community Servings, a not-for-profit organization in the Boston area, delivers medically tailored meals that take into account the nutritional needs of people with chronic illnesses. The idea is to ensure that a patient’s food addresses his or her specific health conditions.
Seeds of Innovation
Timothy Kelley
Focus medication-assisted treatment of opioid addiction on people who have been incarcerated.
Seeds of Innovation
Timothy Kelley
Deliver hospital-level care in people’s homes to achieve better outcomes and save money.
Seeds of Innovation
Susan Ladika
Use telehealth to avoid expensive inpatient care and deliver excellent care to even the most remote places.
Susan Ladika
Partnerships between hospital systems and retailers offer telehealth kiosks. Hospitals hope to find loyal patients, and the retailers see a chance to boost sales.
Eric Lederhaus
Rebecca Sanders Fung
Every day more than 1,000 Americans are treated in emergency departments for misuse of prescription opioids. About 115 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses. What was once a broadly used treatment solution has spiraled into a widespread health crisis that is prompting everyone—families, community…
Charlotte Huff
For some, it might be more convenient—and it’s less costly. Why don’t more patients give peritoneal dialysis a try?