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New Hematologic Biomarker Test Provides New Approach to Sepsis Triage and Diagnosis
Possible First Treatment Option for Rare Autoimmune Disease of the CNS
Antibiotics, Statins, and Glucocorticoids All Show Promise
More Than 32% of Patients Responded in Trial
Contributing Voices
John S. Linehan

Arizona, Virginia, and West Virginia are leading the pack. Bills have been introduced in several states that would effectively ban copay accumulators.

Benefit innovation
Frank Diamond
Cigna–HealthSpring and Anthem expand their Medicare Advantage offerings to include such things as hot meals and transportation to providers.
The Payers’ Playbook
Joseph Burns
Seeking reduced costs, small businesses and sole proprietors will find AHPs tempting. The premiums are lower, but you get what you pay for, critics say.
The American Heart Association adds obesity and severe obesity to a list of conditions that increase the risk of premature heart disease in children and adolescents when they get to be young adults. Lifestyle modification is recommended as the first treatment, including better diet and the “optimization of moderate to vigorous physical activity....”

We’re Making a Commitment

Starting this issue we will—over the course of a year—take a look at emergency care. We begin with an overview of just how much of a high-tech miracle the modern ED is. And how frustratingly costly. Then, there’s the origin story about how the roots extend to World War II, when we learned the benefits of speedy care in a hospital. Air ambulances are up next, and an investigation of how this dashing element of rescue causes network issues that often leave patients owing thousands. 

More on this. Promise.


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Hospital prices for inpatient services grew by 42% while physician prices rose by only 18% from 2007 to 2014. Researchers looked at the prices Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare negotiated with insurers and physicians. They examined four high-volume services: cesarean section, vaginal delivery, hospital-based outpatient colonoscopy, and knee replacement.
An Express Scripts analysis backs up industry claims that high-priced HIV medications may save money in the long run because they improve adherence.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Groups fighting the disease are counting on people in health care’s ‘deep state’ to deliver on the commitment to end the occurrence of new cases of HIV/AIDS by 2030.
Thomas Reinke
Effective treatment has helped curb the epidemic, but practical cures have been elusive, notwithstanding last month’s news about a bone-marrow transplant.