The Value Proposition: On-site Health Clinics
Jan Greene

The clinics range in size from a nurse who shows up in a mobile unit a few hours per week to a large-scale, full-service health clinic with multiple primary care providers and clinicians who can provide dental and vision care.

Erik Johnson
There is near-universal consensus that “value-based care” is a good and worthy objective. In any instance when unanimity embraces an idea, a thoughtful person might ask whether there’s true agreement or perhaps just a cone of vagueness that accommodates a variety of opinions and lets eyes of the…

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The Value Proposition: Direct Contracting
Lola Butcher

Unlike most payer–provider relationships, the parties took a go-slow approach. The plan was offered only to employees who worked in a subset of Walmart and Sam’s Club outlets and lived or worked near Emory providers, and Walmart did not set premium levels to incentivize workers to choose the Emory ACO.

Direct Contracting
Lola Butcher

In 1991, the world’s second richest man griped about health care costs. Today, Sam Walton’s Walmart empire is striking back with direct contracting. The retail giant is using centers-of-excellence contracts by which it pays high-value provider organizations to treat specific medical problems.

Lola Butcher
By some counts misdiagnosis leads to up to 80,000 hospital deaths each year—and results in billions in wasted medical spending. Lack of feedback and miscommunication are among the causes. Researchers, advocates, and others are pushing for changes and ‘diagnostic excellence.’

Taking Aim at Direct Contracting

Large employers grow impatient with the health care game. That is, contracting with a health insurer or PBM to deliver coverage. As a result, direct contracting moves on many fronts. For instance, Walmart is using direct contracting via a partnership with Emory University Hospital, the Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ has made Mount Sinai Health System its center of excellence, big employers are finding onsite or near-site clinics to be cost effective, and health insurer mergers with PBMs may or may not bring more transparency to drug prices.


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Russel Kaufman, MD, FACP, FCCP
When genetic testing goes overboard, we all lose.
Jan Greene
In another international comparison, the health status of American women lags behind that of women in other developed countries.
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This is the squishy-sticky part in a study published last month in Lancet Public Health: “[T]axes on sugar-sweetened beverages, and restriction of advertising for calorie-dense food and soft drinks have yet to be implemented broadly, despite growing empirical evidence for their effectiveness.” Can…
Dipal Patel, PharmD, RPh
It’s no secret that list prices for prescription drugs are increasing. Every year, pharmaceutical companies are raising their prices whether it is for brand drugs or generics. Novel therapies, often for rare diseases, are coming on the market priced at such high amounts that they put a severe financial…