Charlotte Huff
Demand for mental health services outstrips the supply of psychiatrists. Aggravating the situation: Many psychiatrists don’t take insurance. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are beginning to fill the gap.
Howard Wolinsky
The days of painful fingerpricks to measure blood sugar levels with glucometers finally may be over for many patients with diabetes, especially for the 1.2 million Americans with type 1 diabetes but also for at least 1.75 million patients with type 2 diabetes who control their condition by self-injecting…

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The commission also recommends better pay for higher-performing hospitals.
Example: The price for the muscle relaxant methocarbamol jumped by 1,137% in 2018.
Method Could Lead to Manufacturing Corneas for Transplants
Targeted Antibody for FGR3-Positive Mutation
Adjunctive Therapy is First Generic Version of Sabril for Focal Seizures
2019 Year in Preview
Susan Ladika
Insurers are busy merging with retailers and providers in vertical integration deals after attempts at horizontal combinations hit antitrust roadblocks.
2018 Best-Read Articles
Thomas Reinke
Aimovig and other drugs targeting the CGRP neuropeptide aim to prevent migraines in a whole new way. But Aimovig’s cost may mean an obstacle course of prior authorization and step therapy.
2018 Best-Read Articles
Susan Ladika
Deborah Burger, co-president of National Nurses United
Nurses are on the front lines of health care and bear the brunt of the physical and verbal abuse from patients; gender may be a factor.
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2019? Bring It On!

By Managed Care’s reckoning there are 10 trends you need to pay attention to in 2019. Some will come as no surprise. Yes, Medicare Advantage will continue to expand. And, yes, insurer-PBM mergers will roll on. Some may come as a bit of a surprise: Health care is poised to embrace blockchain. Bundled payments? Expect them to take off. The ACA isn’t going anywhere. Expect employers to offer more health plans. Some have to do with drugs. The massive opioid bill will not affect how insurers deal with the problem that much. High drug prices will continue to roil the waters. And marijuana is heading toward the mainstream.

It’s enough to make a clinician executive’s head spin. And we’re just talking about our cover package. We also have a story on why three start-up health plans went into the red.

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Scottsdale, AZ
January 28-29, 2019
Original Research
Adam E. Block, PhD
Starting a health plan is difficult and success is certainly not guaranteed. Of three 2014 start-up health plans in New York City, Health Republic closed in 2015 and CareConnect closed on New Year’s Eve 2017. Only Oscar remains, and it racked up cumulative losses of $235 million from 2014 to 2016.
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Researchers at Florida State University found that loneliness increases a person’s risk of developing dementia by 40%. There are a number of ways loneliness can put someone at risk for dementia. For instance, it may increase inflammation, causing the body to not respond to infection in a timely way.
2019 Year in Preview
Robert Calandra
PBMs and insurers are getting rolled into single entities with clout over the supply chain and benefit design. Any major changes in how they operate may wait as they spend 2019 figuring out how to mesh.