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Maryland man wins lawsuit that alleges that the company's antipsychotic caused his gynecomastia
Lower court rulings cleared the way for generic versions of the MS drug
Antidepressants, ADHD meds are also used to self-poison
Humira, Rituxan top list of drugs that added $5.1 billion to nation's health care bill
Scenesse is new treatment for people with rare, painful light sensitivity disease
U.S. maintains measles elimination status as NY outbreak ebbs
Data show PTC Therapeutics drug preserves lung function
Descovy joins Truvada, another Gilead product, in the HIV prophylaxis market
A Conversation with J. Kevin Croston, MD, and Craig Samitt, MD
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
Insurer and provider come together to deliver primary and specialty care in 20 clinics. The joint venture blurs the line between stakeholders. Will patients benefit?
A Conversation with Andy Slavitt
Interview by Richard Mark Kirkner
The former head of CMS takes Congress to task. The ACA is not perfect (no law is) but could be improved, in his view, if only lawmakers would show more political courage.
A Conversation with Daniel Knecht, MD
Interview by Frank Diamond
Aetna’s vice president of health strategy and innovation explains how tweaking an established program will offer vulnerable beneficiaries more value.
A Conversation with Mei Wa Kwong
Interview by Susan Ladika
The executive director of the Center for Connected Health Policy talks about the promise and obstacles of embedding this technology into our lives.
CURRENT ISSUE September 2019

Formularies, Revealed

Sure, formularies limit choice. Doctors, nurses, many patients—not fans.  The rhyme and reason? Calculations of cost and effectiveness. This issue of Managed Care looks at what formularies have become—and the crescendo of calls for reform. Rebates are driving decisions about which drugs make the lists. Employers are frustrated by the secrecy of those rebates deals—but also hesitant to rock the boat; rebates help knock down their soaring health care costs. Meanwhile, spread pricing and specialty drugs, which don’t lend themselves to formulary tactics, are roiling the waters. Read this issue to navigate the white water.


Washington, DC
November 06-08, 2019
Orlando, FL
November 14-15, 2019
Boston, MA
December 02-03, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
December 10-11, 2019
A Conversation with William Johnson, MD
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
The president of what started as a dental plan describes what it took to successfully launch a Medicaid ACO in the remote regions of Oregon and Alaska.
A Conversation with Marty Makary, MD
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
Don’t expect politicians to ride to the rescue, says the author of a book that examines just what went wrong and how we can fix it. He puts his faith in entrepreneurs, among others.
A Conversation with Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
The architect of the ACA waxes defiantly about how effective the law has been and what can be done to make it more so. Also, he is OK with Medicare for all but not the Sanders version.
Lynn Barr
Even though misunderstandings abound, now is still a good time to take the plunge and become an ACO. New CMS rules have increased the chances of financial success.