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Twitter full of praise and grief after the sudden death of the KP CEO on Sunday
No red flags yet on nomination of MD Anderson doc for top job at the FDA
Lack of positive outcomes might be remedied by an approach that targets people who are less engaged in their health care, say researchers.
Jeffrey Brenner is leading UnitedHealth's efforts to house the homeless as a way of reducing its Medicaid spend
Moody's report sees $4,500 per-capita hit on annual income
Drug resistance in HIV patients has nearly tripled since 2001
Hovering flights lower packages by cable and winch
New drug addresses bacterial resistance to standard therapy
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Timothy Kelley
David Betts, 50 Principal and National Leader for Customer Transformation in Health Care, Deloitte Consulting LLP Based in: Pittsburgh Education: MFA in theater—production management, University of Texas–Austin; MBA in strategy, finance and quantitative analysis, Carnegie Mellon University Started…
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Timothy Kelley
You can’t know everything, and neither can your staff. Bringing in outside expertise can be a godsend for health systems, health plans, pharma manufacturers, or governments—if they use it properly. Trouble is, that’s a big “if.”
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Susan Ladika
The gender imbalance in health care leadership is a problem worth solving, experts say. That will require women willing to step forward—and men willing to back them.
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Frank Diamond
Steve Miller, MD, now at Cigna, and Alan Adler, MD, recently retired from Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, reflect on their roles as medical directors and the current state of American health care.
CURRENT ISSUE October 2019

Health Care Executives and Consultants

On this side, the health care C-suite. On the other, the consultants who whip up advice and analysis. In this issue of Managed Care we explore both. Seasoned medical directors talk about their careers and the job requirements (lots and lots of communication). And women executives share their thoughts on what is still predominately the “he-suite.” From the consultants, we heard about the importance of expertise (the genuine article; no faking it), collaboration (easy to espouse, hard to do), and listening (always, always underrated)—and being smart about who the true decision makers are. Also this month: Clay Johnston’s reinvention of medical education in Austin, Texas, and the drugstore chains vying to become your health care provider. Read on. You’ll learn a lot. We did.


Boston, MA
December 02-03, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
December 10-11, 2019
P.C. Vey
P.C. Vey is a regular contributor to the New Yorker, and his work has been published in Harvard Business Review, National Lampoon, Playboy, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.
Nathan H. Comstock
“Breaking news alert! Hospital X and hospital Y announce they are merging.” At this point, you have heard the same breaking news story over and over again—the number of hospital mergers continues to rise. And the benefit? Likely none, and there is significant research to support the claim that…
Susan Ladika
Competition in the health insurance market continues to fade with more markets dominated by one or two companies, according to a study by the American Medical Association. But a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report suggests that the market for the ACA exchange plans may be an exception to trend toward…
Susan Ladika
Health insurers are taking a lot of heat these days for this country’s extraordinarily high health care costs and the many ways those costs are burdening American families. A report by UnitedHealth Group last month attempts to change the subject to specialty drugs and how site-of-service change could…

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