Old Saying Appropriate For Current Environment

Senior Vice President, Commercialization and Portfolio Management
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

There is an expression often called “the curse,” attributed to the Chinese by most people, that goes, “May you live in interesting times.” And given the current state of affairs in managed care, to describe these times as merely interesting is to put it much too mildly — even after making allowances for the ironic intent of the statement.

No matter how you describe it, managed care today is a topic of continuing debate across our country.

Our aim in presenting “Payor, Provider, Patient: Healthcare by Consensus” was to contribute constructively to the dialogue by helping to shed new light on the issues, and by seeking new perspectives and ideas from everyone who attended this symposium. Our panel of speakers inspired thoughts and stirred lively discussion.

We wanted to explore the growing influence of the patient in health care decisions, and the collateral rise of the standards of accountability that providers can expect to face for their decisions — as well as the health care outcomes that result.

We examined the issues of privacy, medical records, and how new technologies will enable individualized treatment of patients. Our panelists discussed the growing responsibilities patients may face that comes with increased decision-making power. And what the cost implications are for all of this.

Thank you for your interest.

Payor, Provider, Patient: Healthcare by Consensus

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