Vol. 5, No. 7 July 1996

How Managed Care Affects the Malpractice Liability Problem

Managed care has the potential not just to achieve savings, but to improve health care outcomes dramatically. But does it create extra malpractice complications along the way? The experts disagree.

An Emergency Physician Complains: ‘Your Patients Are Costing Me Money!’

In getting paid by managed care plans, emergency physicians face a special “catch-22,” as this doctor explains. But they’re not the only ones who pay a price when patients overuse emergency departments.

Dealing With ‘Deal-Killers’ In Managed Care Contracts

Managed care administrators, take heed: Here are the clauses in physician contracts that an experienced managed care consultant advises doctors not to touch with the proverbial 10-foot pole.

After Physicians Protest, An HMO Changes Its Mind

An insurer’s proposed innovation in Florida–a system in which capitation would have been shared by a group of specialty networks–has been withdrawn after what the HMO calls a lot of misunderstanding.

Ready To Take ‘the Capitation Plunge’?

If you think you know everything physicians should consider when they take on a capitated contract, you may be surprised by what you learn from one practice management consultant’s succinct advice.


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