HMOs and Alternative Medicine

Nontraditional medicine is making inroads into managed care. Patient demand has spurred most HMOs to pay for some therapies. But where should health plans draw the line?

Patient Satisfaction: The Indispensable Outcome

Sure, you give medical groups patient-satisfaction reports, but there are excellent reasons for the practices to gather their own.

Extricating Yourself From the Hospital System

HMOs aren’t the only master. Some doctors are trying to free themselves from hospitals with a different set of demands.

A Conversation with Robert L. Weinmann, M.D.

Robert L. Weinmann, M.D., head of the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, comes out fighting and encourages physicians to band together. HMOs won’t like his tone.

Don’t Let a Fee-for-Service Mind Set Distort Your Approach to Capitation

Physicians can’t weigh the capitation/fee-for-service debate without understanding insurance risk. But do they?


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State Initiatives
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