PBMs get thumbs up from satisfied customers

PBMs that educate physicians on the safety and efficacy of generic drugs or provide them with generic drug samples to increase the use of generics get higher satisfaction ratings than those that don’t. Employers that perceive that their PBM’s goals are aligned with their goals gave PBMs an average rating of 8 (on a 10-point satisfaction scale) on overall service and performance. Employers gave PBMs whose goals they felt were misaligned only a 6.1 rating for service and performance, according to a report issued by the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute.

“PBMs align their goals with those of their employer customers by implementing programs that drive utilization to the lowest net cost of drugs that are medically appropriate for members,” says Dana H. Felthouse, MBA, marketing vice president at PBMI.

Of the services that PBMs offer, the retail pharmacy network ranked highest at 8.8. That service is consistently the top-rated service function performed by PBMs, according to the report. Plan sponsors are less satisfied with customer and member services, formulary management and rebates, disease management programs, and drug utilization management, which affect overall benefit costs directly.

How do PBMs compare?

Source: The 2004 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Customer Satisfaction Report, Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute.

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