Screen patients quickly workers comp fraud

We begin by studying the several sorts of insurance fraud in addition to its scope and cost. Finally, we supply a highlevel summary of current antifraud activity. Provider Fraud at California Employees' Compensation: Selected problems Workers' compensation fraud is supposed to become one of many fastest-growing kinds of insurance fraud, allegedly costing businesses and insurers billions of dollars per year nation wide. The California workers' compensation process is in no way immune to such troubles, and fraud has adverse financial consequences on organizations, businesses, and local –and, most importantly, the endangered health insurance and welfare of those men and women whom the machine was created to protect– warrant an awareness of strong outrage and betrayal out of people and policy makers alike. Regrettably, fighting workers' compensation fraud isn't a simple job because fixing flaws in the regulatory frame which enable particular bad celebrities (commonly known as fraudsters) to manage apparent impunity is simply 1 portion of their clear answer. Whatever solutions are manufactured should always be built and executed in a manner that reduces the possibility of unintentional negative effects on workers and about people about whom the machine is determined to supply timely, decent, and costeffective added benefits.