HMO penetration tops 70% in largest HMO markets

For individuals, which suggests finding ways to induce expansion of These For providers not contracting with Medicare Advantage, it is the right time for you to bite the bullet and figure out a fruitful enterprise model or think of starting their very own plan. For investors, that can be a macro fashion also therefore, a longterm prospect.

To make certain, the penetration increase was quantified just 1.5 Percentage points each year on the previous ten decades. But bookkeeping to get recent fad and also other market tendencies, L.E.K. Consulting's proprietary county-level projection version shows Medicare Advantage registration rising from about 20 billion, or 35% penetration, by the very conclusion of 20 17 to approximately 38 million, or 50% penetration, at the conclusion of 20-25. Nor can it stop . Really we feel Medicare Advantage's march forwards will probably carry on apace until its penetration rate reaches 70 percent. We anticipate Medicare Advantage to keep its slow but stable Growth, attaining 60 percent to 70% penetration between We now base our prediction onto the number of variables, one of which Are that many rural and urban counties not just have However, their penetration levels continue growing at a speed – Average 1.0 percentage point each year.