Patients’ and physicians’ satisfaction with a pharmacist managed anticoagulation clinic

A pharmacist controlled anticoagulation service was pioneered at a multi-physician household medicine clinic in December 2006. As a way to find out the individual and doctor satisfaction with the aid of a study was created to spell out the patients' satisfaction with the warfarin instruction and direction they received from the pharmacist, also to characterize the physicians' satisfaction with the degree of attention offered by the pharmacist to get patients taking warfarin. The individual questionnaire collected information on patient demographics, and satisfaction together with warfarin instruction and everyday warfarin administration. The medic questionnaire gathered information about the gratification with patient instruction and everyday anticoagulation direction by the pharmacist.

Seventy six of all 94 patients completed this poll. Fiftynine percentage were male with an average age of 65 decades ago Ninetysix percentage agreed/strongly consented that the pharmacist did a fantastic job teaching the significance of warfarin adherence, the requirement for INR testing and also the dangers of bleeding. Eightyfive percentage agreed/strongly consented the possibility of blood clots had been explained, 79 percent believed that the pharmacist did a fantastic job teaching regarding dietary considerations and 77 percent agreed/strongly consented the pharmacist clarified when to find a physician. Four of eight doctors completed the poll. Each of agreed/strongly consented that the pharmacist was in the maintenance given, were convinced from the care their physicians received, would prefer the pharmacist to keep the ceremony, also would suggest the application to other practices.