Health care falls fourth among hot presidential topics

Voters rated healthcare as the most important dilemma, supporting the market, terrorism and the war in Iraq,” in accordance with a different Washington Post/ABC News survey , Long Island Newsday reports. Researchers surveyed 1,202 people in July by exactly what they believed to be probably the most essential issue at the coming 2004 election, and 12 percent of respondents cited healthcare, in contrast to 20 percent who cited the war on terrorism because the most essential. The survey results reveal a reduction since 2000, when Republicans reacted that healthcare has been the 2nd main matter. But a poll of 1,010 Republicans ran by Democracy Corps in August 2 5 revealed that 92 percent of Republicans believe health care for considered a”serious financial problem,” according to Newsday. The link between this Democracy Corps survey reveal that”Democratic and Republican voters likewise agree… that medical care continues to be an essential issue,” Newsday reports.

It’s similar to a negative vegetable whenever you have peace and war and other important societal problems on the plate” Gary Burless, a labour economist at the Brookings Institution, stated that medical care can be a”issue that cuts other ways for different individuals based on their own starting location.” He added that President Bush’s nor Democratic Party nominee Sen. John Kerry’s medical care suggestions gives them a very clear advantage from the effort as a result of the high prices entailed. Ed Howard, executive vice president at this Alliance for Health Reform reported the fundamental issue may be that the gap between Bush and Kerry’s approaches to providing medical care to the prosecution. He stated,”Democrats will proceed toward their societal welfare strategy and Republicans could proceed toward their tax scheme, however both may proceed toward precisely the exact same goal, that will be giving healthcare to people that do not possess it”. President Bush has”no plan” to restrain rising healthcare costs, in accordance with your Democratic National Committee tv advertising which began airing Wednesday, ” the AP/Modesto Bee reports. Even the DNC independent cost office that month’s”filling in” with $20 million in advertisements from 20″battleground states” and on national cable networks, even whereas Kerry”remains off the atmosphere to conserve income,” accordingto this AP/Bee. From the 30-second advert, a female says”I have never heard President Bush even speak about [medical care costs].” A guy adds,”It is like he does not understand it’s an issue.” The advertising claims that medical health insurance fees are”sky rocketing four days faster than salary,” and notes that 43 million people don’t need medical insurance. The advertising states that Kerry has a strategy to give tax benefits to smaller enterprises to help provide medical insurance and refund companies for devastating expenses, the AP/Bee reports. Bush campaign spokesperson Jennifer Millerwise reported that Kerry’s”resistance to the president’s attempt to reduce medical care costs render him little credibility with this particular problem”.

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