Medigap’s popularity soars even higher

Nine out of ten Medigap recipients say that they are so happy with the coverage that they’d recommend it to friends and relatives who turn 65, according to a survey by America’s Health Insurance Plans. Medigap has always been popular, but the 91 percent is even higher than reported in 2009 (87 percent) and 2005 (84 percent).

Insurance companies sell Medigap policies to, as the name implies, fill the gaps in Medicare plan coverage. There are nearly 10 million Medigap beneficiaries. The survey, conducted for AHIP by American Viewpoint, consisted of about 500 telephone interviews between May 2 and 6.

“Among all respondents, the main reasons for having Medigap coverage are financial needs alone (34%), both financial and health needs (33%), and health needs alone (13%),” the survey states.

What do you like most about your Medigap supplemental insurance?


Which of the following benefits do you value the most in your Medigap plan?