By the Numbers

224,000,000 dollars spent by Medicare to hospitalize beneficiaries who quit 1 of 6 HMOs within three months of their admissions

20,000,000 dollars Medicare would have paid to those six HMOs (now under federal investigation) if the same patients had remained members

710 physicians — out of 710 — told Western Journal of Medicine researchers they would hesitate to order specified tests under capitation, but not under fee-for-service reimbursement

68 percent of Americans with employer-sponsored benefits are satisfied with their mix of benefits and wages, and don’t want a defined-contribution system, says Employee Benefit Research Institute

52 percent answering an American Osteopathic Association study think their physician spends enough time with them

13 percent: Predicted Medicare spending increase if a prescription benefit is enacted, according to a National Academy of Social Insurance study

6.7 percent: Average 1994 price increase at not-for-profit hospitals following mergers (Health Affairs study)

0 percent: Average 1986 price increase at not-for-profit hospitals following mergers

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