Iowa Obamacare Close to Extinction—Would be First State Without Any ACA Plans

And then there was none? Iowa is close to being the first state unable to offer an ACA plan if Medica follows through on recent pronouncements that it might quit the exchange next year. Aetna and Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield have already said that they weren’t coming back. Yesterday, Medica released a statement saying that it’s iffy about offering ACA plans in 2018, reports the Washington Post.

Iowa’s predicament illustrates how the departure of one health plan from the ACA can lead to a rush to the exits for the remaining plans. Both proponents and opponents of Obamacare have pointed out that one of the system’s structural flaws is that there are too many sicker enrollees, and too few healthier ones. As the Post reports, that means that the “plans that stay in the game will likely inherit its members and the financial challenge they pose.”

Source: Washington Post