Think tank clinton era roots proposes milder dose health care reform

This Group consists of Files Associated with Hillary Rodham Clinton's The files comprise reports, memoranda, correspondence, programs, and news postings. What's more, this material incorporates draft reports by the White House medical care Interdepartmental Working Group, made to notify that the Health Care Task Force within the reform program.

Even the Nixon team has been concerned that AEI was overly enlightening. However, if it Nixon disliked Brookings therefore much he inquired his top aide H.R. Haldeman to have somebody break in to Brookings and steal its own files on Vietnam:”How I'd like that managed, Bob, is through the other manner. I would like Brooking [sic]–only to crack in. Divide in and then take out it! You know?” Nixon additionally formerly indicated to aide Chuck Colson he have some body”fire bomb” Brookings, allowing FBI representatives to steal the files throughout the consequent confusion. The Brookings economist Charles Schultze was among the list too, in slot 45.

Additionally, it Was not just Republican politicians that had issues using Brookings. Jimmy Carter and Brookings were skeptical of one . When Carter was planning to run for president, also that the Carter advisor Stuart Eizenstat Put a briefing to get Carter in Brookings where, according Into Eizenstat,”certainly one of those participants asked exactly what this person had been, you Understand, running ” However, Carter and his folks were cautious of this Brookings Types too. Since then-campaign Representative, and today Atlantic Bus loads of oriental pros wrinkled and invisibly following the three-hour Move from Atlanta into Plains–comprehending which they'd tell their friends Brookings and Harvard Concerning the genius of this simple country boy, Knowing that they would call him a stupid southern red neck when he left His very first mistake”