July 1996

Managed care has the potential not just to achieve savings, but to improve health care outcomes dramatically. But does it create extra malpractice complications along the way? The experts have different views.
Chuck Appleby
In getting paid by HMOs, emergency physicians face a special “catch-22,” as this doctor explains. But beware, primary care physicians: Needless emergency-department use can cost you money, too.
Gregory L. Henry, M.D.
Health plan executives as well as physicians can benefit from reading what this consultant has to say about the managed care contract clauses doctors should cross out and initial — or regard as “deal-killers.”
Susan A. Gibbs, J.D.
A major insurer’s proposed innovation in Florida — a system in which capitation would have been shared by a group of specialty networks — has been withdrawn after what the HMO says is a lot of misunderstanding.
Anne Bilodeau
Think you know everything physicians should consider when they take on a capitated contract? You may be surprised by what you learn from this practice-management consultant’s succinct advice.
Gary Grubb, M.B.A.

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