Managed Care


July 2004

Encouraged by employers, health plans ponder expensive options in covering a generation of obese Americans
John Carroll
Financial, regulatory, and access problems continue. Still, this remains a growth industry and some have found a way to profit.
Martin Sipkoff
One auditor estimates that 3 percent to 10 percent of PBM claims are processed incorrectly — always in favor of the PBM.
Maureen Glabman
This tool includes a document library where applicants store the forms needed to show that they are worthy of accreditation.
Tony Berberabe
Integrated health care systems are seizing the momentum in care coordination from HMOs, says the author of the well-read Internet Healthcare Blog.
Sulfonylureas are cost-effective and also may be the only oral agents that inhibit processes inducing hyperglycemia by improving insulin secretion and insulin resistance. New long-acting agents hold even greater promise.
Udaya M. Kabadi, MD

Legislation & Regulation
The noted and newsworthy attorney general of New York is taking aim at some of the biggest middlemen in the insurance business.
John Carroll
Tomorrow's Medicine
As clinicians recognize heart failure's neurohormonal component, a biologic agent may prove better than the small molecules.
Thomas Morrow, MD