February 2009

It’s No Longer Just Members Who Are Suing Health Plans

Providers that once feared insurers’ retribution are finding strength in numbers and compensation in class action litigation

Maureen Glabman

Some of the biggest insurers in the country scramble to make sense of a field that will change treatment techniques forever

John Carroll

DM programs will have amazing patient-monitoring technology at their call. The challenge will be to make good use of the data.

Steven S. Eisenberg, MD

Many experts predict that there will be a dearth of primary care doctors, but others are not so worried

Tom Reinke

Creating truly transparent management systems is in the interest of payers and providers, and is achievable

Emad Rizk, MD

Gary Bazalo, MS, MBA ; Richard Weiss, MS ; Nathaniel Clark, MD ; Berhanu Alemayehu, PhD ; Felicia Forma



Legislation & Regulation
A new administration, new funding, and new commitment might help the system realize a long-sought goal
John Carroll
Medication Management
High quality post-hospital orders can cut readmissions by 30 percent. Medical administrators may soon insist on it.
Tony Berberabe
Tomorrow’s Medicine
Until GE found a better way to produce and deliver I123, most nuclear medicine labs had to make do with an isotype that produced an inferior image
Thomas Morrow, MD
Plan Watch
What are some of the common characteristics of health plans that have high scores from the National Committee for Quality Assurance?
Frank Diamond