Managed Care


December 2011

Now that we know there is so much unwarranted deviation in care, payers are promoting comparative effectiveness research and other efforts to help providers embrace the evidence
Joseph Burns
UnitedHealthcare’s VP for oncology says it will take time to come to grips with the cost of chemotherapy, but we have to start now
John Marcille
Costly protease inhibitors work well in many patients, but call for careful monitoring
Thomas Reinke
Although three pilot programs came up short, experts say systems like PROMETHEUS could still succeed — if plan medical directors take an active role
Frank Diamond
We look at a few programs designed to address adherence-related behavioral problems
Carol Milano

Weighing the risks and benefits of any treatment to decide whether it is worth pursuing takes a kind of knowledge that most in health care lack
Brent C. James, MD
Evidence Review
A summary of the ECRI Institute’s Emerging Technology Evidence Report
Legislation & Regulation
However, they’ll need to prove it. Powerful interest groups say insurers have little experience with these patients and worry that MCOs will shortchange members.
John Carroll
Plan Watch
Healthy Blue Living in Michigan lets employers and members reap the benefits of lifestyle improvement
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine
Clinicians can consider this radiotherapy a viable treatment option
Thomas Morrow, MD