FDA Approves Flonase Sensimist as OTC Allergy Treatment

Administration has declared FLONASE® Sensimist™ Allergy Relief being an overthecounter procedure for symptoms associated with perennial and seasonal allergies. Previously offered by prescription since Veramyst®, FLONASE Sensimist is your Hottest Rxtootc change from GSK. FLONASE Sensimist helps prevent six allergic chemicals *, providing NON DROWSY, 24hour aid of nose- and – eye-related allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes**, sinus congestion, runny nose, itchy nose and coughing.

“There are approximately 50 million people in the USA who suffer with allergies,2 and, like a group leader, GSK has been innovate to Meet the requirements of Most allergy victims,” said Amardeep Kahlon, Manager of Marketing. “In the Event of all FLONASE Sensimist, GSK is pleased To offer you an extra treatment option which doesn't only provides more Total allergy manifestation relief1 but additionally satisfies specific user tastes ” FLONASE Sensimist is a licensed Over-the-counter cure for symptoms related to seasonal and Perennial allergic rhinitis including coughing, runny nose, and itchy nose, **