Cancer screening initiatives

The work group meets regularly to handle critical concerns in esophageal cancer prevention and treatment at UCLA Health. Stop by our site about quality improvement efforts to learn about more regarding this work group. We’re quitting pancreatic cancer in its tracks by teaching our clients, staff and providers about the value of prevention and screening. Stop by our curated site of educational substances in order to find current info on pancreatic cancer. Understand when to begin viewing , about your screening options and roughly what to anticipate your own colonoscopy afternoon on the site! In UCLA Healthwe continue to strive for excellence in maintenance and also to ensure it is simple for all to have screened. We’ve implemented several interventions regarding the goal, including electronic health record alarms to patients and providers, dedicated patient navigation along with also our FIT mailer application. We strongly track pancreatic cancer screening levels within our health system and also are pleased to be realized by the National Colorectal Cancer round-table (NCCRT) to the efforts to enhance access for screening. We’re employing innovative technologies, streamlining our procedures and continuously assessing our progress to be sure patients don’t fall through the cracks across the esophageal cancer screening pathway. We’ve developed an electric dash board to monitor pancreatic cancer screening levels across our immune system, that lets us spot differences in maintenance and assess our progress.

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