Richard Mark Kirkner
The study results are a mishmash; the methods, a work in progress. Antibiotic prescribing is a trouble spot.
Timothy Kelley
When it’s time for a session, your therapist’s face is on your phone or computer instead of in the room. Telemental health doesn’t mean the end of in-person sessions, but it’s increasingly part of the therapy mix.
Interview by Peter Wehrwein

Henry DePhillips

Joseph Burns
Some insurers are changing their rules after the AMA and others said prior authorization could result in treatment delays that can be deadly.
Editor’s Memo
Peter Wehrwein
Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner

Latoya Thomas
American Telemedicine Association

Repeal and replace could create an opening for telehealth. Meanwhile, state health officials are working through gnarly parity and licensure issues.
Medication Management
Thomas Reinke

Yehuda Handelsman, MD

At last, there’s a biosimilar-like competitor in the U.S. insulin market. Can Basaglar put some downward pressure on prices?
MediMedia Poll of Managed Care readers
Zachary Hafner
Virtual care offerings come with no shortage of complexities, but their potential for value has many asking when, not if, to invest.
Medical Directors Forum
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD

Richard G. Stefanacci, DO

The cost savings go to payers, but providers often wind up footing the bill. Value-based care could solve the problem.
Book Review
Peter Boland
Republicans say it brings efficiency and flexibility. Others see dire consequences for beneficiaries and state budgets.
News & Commentary
Frank Diamond
News & Commentary
News & Commentary
Frank Diamond