Vol. 9, No. 1 January 2000


Promise of — and problems with — a burgeoning business.

Buy in ­ or Else

How plans can go too far in “encouraging” physicians to accept DM.

Show Me the Outcomes!

Finding valid DM studies can be tricky. Some criteria to look for.

When Groups Grow Their Own Programs…

… physicians are much more willing to become involved.

Making DM Work in the Inner City

Hartford Hospital’s effort decreased asthma ER visits by 63 percent.

Snapshots of a Growing Industry

Three pages of charts.

The Cost of Treating Viral Meningitis [PDF]

A retrospective study of resource use and costs.



Editor’s Memo
One man’s “solution,” it turns out, is another man’s problem.

News and Commentary
Colorado Physicians, HMO In Spat as PPM Dissolves
PCS Can Be Had, Maybe for Less Than a Year Ago
Texas Says HMOs More Troubled Than Thought
AMAP in Limbo; When Will Quality Really Catch Fire?
IOM Opens Eyes On Medical Errors; Support Promised
Headlines on Deadline…
Lack of Coverage Risky: ACP-ASIM [chart]

Washington Watch
Is new Medicare package a cure for ills besetting Medicare HMOs?

State Initiatives
Mass. official threatens to revoke three HMOs’ not-for-profit status.

Compensation Monitor
Slight pay boost for primary care docs. [chart]

Legal Forum
Compliance planning is better than buying fraud-and-abuse insurance.

Managed Care Outlook
Quality doesn’t have to be costly. [chart]