Vol. 7, No. 5 May 1998

Who Will Fund Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs in Medical Research?

The managed care industry has been blamed for slowing the flow of research funding. The true story is more complex.

Needed: Strategies To Get Physicians To ‘Buy in’ to Disease Management

Disease management programs can’t succeed without the full support of physicians. But how do you obtain that backing?

Physician, Help Thyself: Management Positions Available

Two executive search consultants discuss the challenges and rewards that await physicians who become managers.

NCQA Adds Performance To Accreditation Reviews

Starting in 1999, a health plan’s HEDIS performance will matter at accreditation time. How will this affect plans?

A Conversation With Regina E. Herzlinger

The Harvard Business School professor sees big changes coming to managed care, thanks to the demands of baby boomers.

The Pitfalls and Potential of Pharmacy Risk

Managed care plans and physicians often become uneasy partners when they share the risk of prescription benefits.


Editor’s Memo
Free Market or Mandate? (Whom Do You Trust?)

News and Commentary
Doctors: FDA Threatens Strategy To Manage High-Risk Pregnancies
N.Y. Life’s Sale To Aetna Triggers Physician Worries
Lack of Action On Appeals Law Puzzles Texans
Nurses and Kaiser Reach Agreement; HMO Boosts Rates
Inflation could spark higher health care costs
HMO profit margins still dropping, but not so quickly
Headlines On Deadline…

Compensation Monitor
Not quite the Midas touch

Washington Initiatives
Jeffords’s QUEST Would Establish National Health Quality Council
Men Overboard! They’re Jumping Good Ship PARCA
Kennedy-Dingell Strips Employers’ ERISA Immunity
Few Surprises In Medicare Rules Issued for PSOs
Mixing and matching Medicare and Medicaid [chart]
Take as Needed…

State Initiatives
Nine States Get Federal Funding To Improve Children’s Coverage
HMOs in N.J., North Carolina, Washington Fined
HMO Reform Is Sidelined In Oklahoma
Mass. Report Blasts Blues’ Breakup Plan
California: Where the premium dollar goes [chart]

Employer Update
Value-Based Purchasing Pioneer Corrals Hospitals and Physicians

Genetic Testing: Can What Patients Know Hurt Them?

Legal Forum
Stark II: Don’t Underestimate The Feds’ Resolve to Enforce It

Managed Care Outlook
Many consumers feel quality plays second fiddle to stock price