Vol. 8, No. 1 January 1999

Mental Health Parity: A Year Later, Are We There?

The Mental Health Parity Act did not prompt a financial crisis, nor has it changed much about behavioral health care delivery.


Follow the Shrinking Managed Care Savings

Creating managed care, the system that finally put the brakes on spiraling health expenditures, meant installing a huge administrative machine. Has the cure been too costly?

A Conversation With Economist Paul Ginsburg, Ph.D.

Premiums will rise, says this Harvard-trained economist, but not nearly so high as some predicted. Watch out for an increase in underlying costs and a negative perception of the industry.

Disenfranchised Doctors Need New Skills To Compete

Physicians down on managed care can be re-energized. They just have to know how and where to spot opportunities.


Editor’s Memo
Administrative Costs: Trying To Find the Balance

News and Commentary
Sharp Premium Hikes on Way As HMOs Dig Out From Deep Hole
PPM Industry Shaky After Fall Of MedPartners
N.J.’s Takeover Of Failed HMO Assuages Docs
Workers Fixated On Retirement, Not Health Care
Scheme Capitates Specialist But Not Primary Doctor
HMO’s survey confirms regional practice differences

Washington Watch
External Review of Disputes Gains Steam on Capitol Hill

State Initiative
As Voters Pass Pot Measures, Grass Grows Under Plans’ Feet

Kevorkian or Quality? What End-of-Life Care Could Be

Legal Forum
Technically Prohibited Contracts May Still Be OK Under Stark II Law

Managed Care Outlook
Customization of benefits: Will diversity continue?

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