Vol. 8, No. 7 July 1999

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Direct Contracting: Why It Hasn’t Grown

It sounds wonderful to managed care detractors: Why not let employers deal with providers without interference from HMOs? There are reasons why direct contracting doesn’t thrive.

Potential for Profit, Potential for Real Change

Drugstores without walls …… but not without challenges, one of them being quality. Now, Internet outlets tend to be merely retail sites, but they could become useful tools for improving outcomes.

Finding The Trends In Health Care Chaos

Larry Levitt, director of Kaiser Family Foundation’s Changing Health Care Marketplace Project, spends his days trying to read order in health care chaos. He sees a shift in power coming.

Staff-Model HMOs: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss Them!

Staff-model HMOs would seem to have everything going for them — except broad choice and geographic accessibility.


Editor’s Memo
For Those Who Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

News and Commentary
Credentialing Plan Could Mean One Less Headache for Doctors
Primary care visits up for routine physicals, depression [charts]
Texas Blues Won’t Get Harris As Sale Collapses
M.D. Report Cards May Be Based On Too Few Visits
Health care mergers and acquisitions decline in 1998 [charts]
Headlines on Deadline…

Washington Watch
Would Healthy People 2000 Record Have Been Worse Without HMOs?

State Initiatives
Texas Physician Bargaining Bill Probably Set Stage for AMA on Unions

Compensation Monitor
Thread of consistency runs through HMO physician executives’ compensation [charts]

Legal Forum
Membership Data Can Nurture Talks Between Plans, Physicians

When Ethics Leans on Jargon Patients Often Denied Choices

Managed Care Outlook
PPOs: Time for a reality check [charts]