Vol. 8, No. 10 October 1999

Does Supreme Court’s Tilt Portend Problems for HMOs?

The states-friendly Rehnquist Court may eventually have to decide on anti-managed care laws flowing from state capitals.


Bigger Isn’t Always Better

So you think consolidating with another health care business will help? It might, but success depends on more than size.

California Physicians Struggling – Problems Ahead for Other States?

Physician groups are going belly-up at an alarming rate in the Golden State, and some are blaming for-profit HMOs.

Employers, DM Vendors Edging Just a Bit Closer

The big question is “why?” The answer is because companies often don’t get what they want, in terms of DM, from HMOs.

Q&A: Managed Care’s West Coast Champion

Walter A. Zelman ruminates on the industry’s image problem.

Will Palm-Size Computers Make Electronic Prescribing Happen?

Tiny devices may be just what the doctor will order from.



Editor’s Memo
Down but Not Out, California Again Watched by Industry

News and Commentary
Major Managed Medicare Player Plans No Expansion in Next 5 Years
The Comeback Isn’t Complete: HMOs Still Shaky
Physician Groups In N.Y. and Calif. Changing Hands
An age-old question: Would universal access result in higher costs from those less in need? [chart]
Uninsurance Rate for Women Jumps Nearly 40%
Headlines On Deadline…

Washington Watch
Privacy Regulations Revert to HHS While Congress Works on Other Issues

State Initiatives
Health Plans’ Financial Instability Presents New Regulatory Challenges

Compensation Monitor
Meet capitation at least halfway 

Should Physician Entrepreneurs Be Held to Professional Standards?

Legal Forum
Disputes Between Physicians and Plans Can Be Settled Without Costly Litigation

Managed Care Outlook
Variance in Medicare pharmacy benefits is wide 

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